Religious Education

Aims of Religious Education


The aims of Religious Education at St Joseph’s are to develop an awareness of, an understanding of, a response to and a celebration of the life of:


God the Father,

our Creator, the first divine person of the Trinity, the author of human history, whose very being is Truth and Love and who communicates with us and calls us into relationships of love and life.


Jesus the Christ,

the Son of God, who is 'the way, the truth and the life' (John14:6),who leads us to understand that we are all sons and daughters of God and brothers and sisters to Jesus, who leads us to intimate communion with him and to reconciliation and unity with all of humanity.


The Holy Spirit,

God's gift, the third divine person of the Trinity, who enables within us a natural 'oneness' with life, who leads us to an understanding of God's presence in our lives, who assists us to develop Christian values and attitudes, and who is actively present in the Church, guiding and renewing its mission.


The Church;

the community of believers, founded on Jesus' life and message, within which we experience and celebrate being members of God's family, a pilgrim people.

The Wider World;

where in we come to an appreciation of God's creation, an awareness of the needs of other people, and make a response of Christian service and love in helping to build up and renew this world.



The Goals for Religious Education at St Joseph’s are to:

  • foster a Christian environment which permeates all aspects of school life;
  • bear witness to the love of God for all people;
  • draw on students' life experiences, thus providing a meaningful context for faith development;
  • provide opportunities for the spiritual growth and development of each member of the school community
  • work in partnership with the parish community and with parents.


 Sacramental Program


  Reconciliation: Grade 3


 First Eucharist: Grade 4


Confirmation: Grade 5/6 ( every second year)