Through the teaching of Mathematics, we endeavour to enhance our students’ natural curiosity about the world around them and develop and preserve an interest in, and enjoyment of, mathematics, as well as develop the fundamentals on which mathematical specialties and professional applications of mathematics are built.

We enable all students to achieve success in an environment of high expectations and continuous improvement. This begins with the fundamental assumption of equity—the belief that all students can learn and should be given rich and challenging opportunities to do so. Therefore, teaching Mathematics with high expectations for all students ensures greater understanding for every student.

At St Joseph’s School all children will be encouraged and assisted to:

  • Develop an appreciation, curiosity and enjoyment of mathematics.

  • Acquire the mathematical knowledge, ways of thinking and confidence to apply mathematics in real and abstract situations.

  • Develop speed and accuracy in computational skills consistent with their age and stages of development

  • Develop a range of strategies to become mathematical problem solvers.

  • Be risk-takers and embrace mistakes as part of their learning

  • Appreciate that mathematics can be used creatively in many different forms.