School Community

At St Joseph’s we pride ourselves on the inclusion we offer within our school community. There are many activities within the course of the year where parents are invited to join in the fun.

Working Together

St Joseph’s Primary School believes that close cooperation between home and school is vital if we are to achieve the best for your child. We will regularly provide opportunities to get together with our school families and to keep you up to date with the learning that is taking place, the things we are doing in the community and how you can support your child's learning at home.

The staff are always available to discuss any aspect of your child's development with you, at a mutually convenient time.

St Joseph’s Parents & Friends Association

The Parents Association was in operation originally as Mother’s Club and was replaced in 1986 as a Parent Association and meets approximately twice per term. A Newsletter is sent to parents after each meeting.

The committee and all other groups operate voluntarily. All parents are asked to support activities through the Parents Association.

The Parent Association operates mainly as a fund-raising body and are extremely supportive of our school programs. Funds raised by parents are used to enhance the learning environment and resources for the children. We could not function without them.

The Parents Association relies on all parents becoming involved through any of the following groups.

Parents And Friends Association

  • Fundraising

Parents & Friends Executive

  • CDF Student
  • Banking
  • Class Reps
  • Book Club
  • Second Hand Uniform Shop
  • Maintenance
  • Gardening'